6 Things That Annoy Programmers

6 Things That Annoy Programmers

Programmers are one of the most important people on the face of this planet Earth. We are in the technical age, where nothing works without having some sort of program behind it. Normally programmers are known to be quite and calm, simply sitting in their workplace silently writing code. However, here are a few things that annoys the gentle programmer into losing his calm.

1. Any Interruption

When a programmer is programming, you should not create any sort of disturbance for him/her. We all have heard about the “Zone”. It is the state of mind in which the person immerses completely inside the activity being performed. Getting disturbed results in exiting the “zone” and it almost impossible to return to it, similar to waking up from a beautiful dream that is lost forever.

2. Unrequired Work

Non-technical people are often a major reason for causing this sort of annoyance to programmers. As a client, they provide a lot of uncertain description that software developers and programmers have to follow, and it is natural to be pissed off when the client refuses to take the developed piece by stating that it is not what they asked for. This results in complete utter waste of time.

3. Poor Management

Management is a part of any software industry or company. What should be taken under consideration is that the people working in management should be somewhat knowledgeable in terms of programming. But unfortunately, they lack the understanding and dealing of programmers regarding coding and pressure them with sudden deadlines and over-burden them.

4. Hardware Knowledge

I don’t know how the term “Programmer” leads to people believing computer hardware falls in our field of work. Being a programmer, all work is software-based, writing and maintain code. Programmers are very annoyed when they get called up to fix a problem present due to hardware.

5. Other Programmers

Like it or not, programmers mostly don’t like each other. There might be team projects, but the team members try to do their own separate work by distributing modules instead of working collectively. This is due to the fact that every programmer has his own thinking pattern, which often clashes with one another. Even when other’s logic is better, we prefer to use our own code.

6. Old Code (Including Our Own)

The nightmare of every programmer, probably the most annoying thing for any programmer is to give them old code (including their own). Every programmer wants to start afresh with his code, so checking someone else’s code for updating or maintaining really annoys every programmer.

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