9 Reasons Why Programmers Have Short Attendance in University

9 Reasons Why Programmers Have Short Attendance in University

University time period is a part of a person’s life where there is a lot of things going on at a regular basis. Students are occupied with one thing or another, having a lot of energy in their bodies and the ambitions of changing the world. Sometimes this leads to shortage of attendance for classes that are held in universities, a problem most common for any programming student.

1. Late Arrival

This is a very common reason, and sort of comes naturally from being a student. Programmers are more prone to this because they have a clash with time itself apparently. If a programmer has plans for something according to time, he will be late for it, including university class stating time.

2. Late Sleeping

Late night sleeping is very common for all students, and this can be justified for being busy doing study. However, programmers don’t necessarily have to be studying to cause them to sleep late at night. Having a technical and processed thinking pattern, they tend to get carried away into details of something, be it work related or something else, that gradually ticks away clock time.

3. Fooling Around

Programmers can be distributed between two major categories. Those who always do programming, and those who don’t always do programming. The programmers from the second category are often fed up with programming all the time so they just flip out and fool around.

4. Fed Up from Work

Programming is a very focused profession. It needs attention and precision, with continuous logic building and coding, making and breaking things come within the scope of territory. And so while getting involved, there is a point where you just don’t give a care anymore and get fed up.

5. Assignments Overdue

As often as it gets, all students get behind their study schedule and assignment deadlines eventually at one time or another. But programmers only get behind because they get caught up in their work so much that they don’t leave it until the program is fully running successfully without any errors and crashes, even leaving their lectures until all problems are fixed in system.

6. Part-Time Jobs

During university life, it is the age where a person is self-motivated and ambitious, and this mind set leads him to do some part-time job. This is more usually found in programming students because of their logical and rational thinking process. Programmers just don’t like to sit around.

7. Online Freelancing

We are all very well aware of the many opportunities that are opened up in the field of programming, and so it is usual for programming students to do some online freelancing jobs. This sometimes causes programmers to fall behind in class attendance as they are busy online.

8. Unnecessary Subjects

This is more of an issue for almost every student, that they are stuck in a course which is not directly associated with their field of work. However begrudgingly they take it, it is considered to be waste of time, so programmers often ignore those lectures to do some programming instead.

9. Focus on Knowledge

As the world is opening up to more usage of technology, and depending more on software and programs for making their everyday life easier, programming students don’t focus on joining class for attendance, they do it for the sake of knowledge as they are well aware that it holds the actual importance.

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