Android Notifications from Notification Manager Tutorial with Example

Introduction to Notifications

Android provides an ability to the applications to engage its users whether they are using the application or not. Android Notifications are simple notifications from the application which is displayed outside the application. This type of notification can be easily displayed with the help of NotificationManager class. You have seen a lot of times when some download starts and completes or something installed successfully, Android system notifies the user about the action.

Displaying Simple Android Notifications


You can use NotificationManager class by simply instantiating it with the getSystemService() method. getSystemService() method request the Android system to use Android notifications service.


PendingIntent is the activity that is displayed when the user clicks on the Android notification. It can be another 3rd Party application or the same application.  You must specify the context and intent to call on notification click.


To create a notification you must instantiate Notification class with Notification.Builder(context) and pass icon, title, and PendingIntent as the parameters of the Notification. This will help the Notification class to display the notification with some icon at some specific time. Most of the applications display the notification when some important event occurs.

Now the important part for displaying the Android notifications is to call the notify method of NotificationManager class to display the notification.

Simple Notification in Notification Bar
Simple Notification in Notification Bar

Complete Code for Displaying Simple Notification


You can also display the notifications with the help of NotificationCompact class. It also provides control over the tags.

With NotificationCompact you can add the number of notification when a new notification arrives.

Creating an Expandable Notification

After the launch of Android 4.1, the notifications support also changed from simple notifications to the expandable notification. When there is a bundle of notifications Android 4.1 shows an expandable notification with lesser text. Or when another notification comes after expandable notification, the expandable notification contracts itself and expands on swipe on the notification.

to create an expandable notification you must add NotificationCompat.InboxStyle  to the notification. Also, add the title for expanded notification and the lines to be displayed i.e. the Text of the Notification.

Create Notification that acts as expandable.

Expandable Android Notification
Expandable Android Notification

Download Android Notifications Example

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