Apache at Port 80

Apache Error

When you install and use Apache, it may sometimes give an unexpected error. Which tells something about any blocked port due to which it crashes. Change Apache Port, Apache server port 80.

Reason Of Port Conflict

While using XAMPP control panel for Apache sometimes there is a conflict of ports, apache use port 80 as well as many other applications use port 80 like Skype, to figure that out you can follow these steps to change the port of your XAMPP.

Solve the Port Conflict

  1. Open XAMPP Control Panel. Start Apache if it gives an Error: Apache Shutdown unexpectedly. Maybe due to Blocked Port or missing dependencies. You should consider changing its port.
Apache server port 80
Apache Shutdown Unexpectedly
  1. On the top right corner of the dialog box, there is a Config Button with a wrench image icon. Click Config to open up XAMPP configurations of Control Panel.
xampp configurations of control panel
XAMPP configurations of control panel
  1. Find Service and Port Settings to open XAMPP Service Settings. You will see Main Port as 80 and SSL Port as 443.
Apache at Port 80
Apache at Port 80

Change Main Port to 81 and SSL Port to 441. Click Save to save the settings.

xampp change apache port
XAMPP change apache port
  1. Now you will see Configurations Panel again, Click Save to save the port configurations.
  2. In XAMPP Control panel find config of Apache server as shown in the figure below. A drop down menu will display, Apache (httpd.conf).
xampp Apache httpd conf
XAMPP Apache httpd conf
  1. Click on Apache (httpd.conf) it will open a text file. Find Listen 80, or Press Ctrl+f to open ‘Find’ Dialog box. Write 80 or Listen 80 to find the port settings in configurations file.
xampp Listen 80
XAMPP Listen 80

Change 80 to 81 as you previously changed from configurations -> services.

XAMPP Port 80 to Port 81
XAMPP Port 80 to Port 81
  1. Now press Ctrl+s to save manual configurations and close the editor.

  2. In XAMPP control panel again click on Apache Config, you will find, Apache (httpd-ssl.conf) in the dropdown menu.

Apache http-ssl conf
Apache HTTP-SSL conf
  1. Click Apache (httpd-ssl.conf) to open SSL configurations in editor. Find 443 manually or by ‘Find’ dialog box (Ctrl+f).
Apache ssl port 443
Apache SSL port 443

Change 443 to 441 as you changed previously in configurations Control Panel.

change ssl port
Change SSL port


  1. Now press Ctrl+s to save manual configurations and close the editor.
  2. Start Apache server again. It will then run smoothly without any issues.
XAMPP Apache running
XAMPP Apache running

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