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Download API Design for C ++ by Martin Reddy PDF eBook free. The “API Design for C++ 1st Edition” provides good information on API design as well as using C++ in general.

API Design for C ++ by Martin Reddy PDF Book Review

“API Design for C++ 1st Edition” is a perfect book in showing great ways to build modular, maintainable, and long-lasting software in C++. Martin Reddy is author of this book. API Design for C++ provides a comprehensive discussion of Application Programming Interface (API) development, from initial design through implementation, testing, documentation, release, versioning, maintenance, and deprecation. API Design for C++ explores often overlooked issues, both technical and non-technical, contributing to successful design decisions that produce high quality, robust, and long-lived APIs. It focuses on various API styles and patterns that will allow you to produce elegant and durable libraries. A discussion on testing strategies concentrates on automated API testing techniques rather than attempting to include end-user application testing techniques such as GUI testing, system tests, or manual testing.

API Design for C ++ by Martin ReddyThis book will be helpful to new programmers who understand the fundamentals of C++ and who want to advance their design skills, as well as to senior engineers and software architects seeking to gain new expertise to complement their existing talents. The only book that teaches the strategies of C++ API development, including design, versioning, documentation, testing, scripting, and extensibility. It also covers various API styles and patterns with a focus on practical and efficient designs for large-scale long-term projects. The book is extremely well written, and the typesetting and layout of the book is very well done. The code examples are small, concise, illustrative and clean. In short, it is a must-have book for all C++ programmers.

Detail About API Design for C ++ by Martin Reddy PDF

  • Name: API Design for C ++
  • Authors: Martin Reddy
  • ISBN: 0123850037
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Programming, Software Development
  • Format: PDF
  • Size: 20 MB
  • Pages: 472
  • Price: Free

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