Become a Good Programmer

How to become a good programmer

In the present times, everything is computerized. Many people prefer computer science fields as their long lasting careers. Many others are good and tricky with computers as they know many tricks and hacks of the computer and think that computer is good as a field for them, but when they get into this field they come to know about a term Programming.

become a good programmer
Become a good programmer

Introduction to Programming

Computer programming is something which handles all the computer activates, and you can command a computer using these languages. There are three types of programming languages.

  • Machine languages
  • Low-level programming languages
  • High-level languages

Today we will talk about high-level programming languages because when you enter first time in the computer field, the first thing you learn is a high-level programming language because they are both user and machine friendly and mostly syntax is in plain English.

Programming Languages

Let’s take a review of these languages what they are and for what purpose they are used for, then I will tell you how to make a good command on them.

C, C++, Java, C#, PHP

which programming language should be started
Which programming language should be started?

The above are most trending languages nowadays, and they are made for different purposes as C, C++, Java are best if you want to handle the machine and do hardware programming they are mostly run on a console.

Java and C# are also used for desktop app development which is also called software many of the software are written in these languages like Windows are in C#.

Java also gave an opportunity of web applets which are created for websites, and you can run your site using Java Servlets, and PHP is specifically for web sites.

Although HTML and XML a markup language JavaScript and vb scripts are scripting markup languages and CSS used for the style sheet, they are something different from programming languages and mostly used for android apps and websites.

Instead of PHP every language act same for different data types. Data types are some specific keywords like string, char, int, bool, etc.

All the languages use a variable as a container which saves some data in it and uses for computations. There is nothing difficult in variations of these plain high-level languages.

Where to Start Programming

I suggest you should start your programming in a C++ language because it’s simple and the syntax is user-friendly. There is some specific syntax of all the languages and the above-mentioned languages almost have the same syntax. The syntax of loops, switch statements and conditional statements is almost same in all the languages as in C++. C++ is not a pure object-oriented language, so that’s why it’s easy to learn. The object oriented concepts are not easy to be learned as in startup.

Golden Tips to Learn Programming

  1. Make a flow of the program and flow charts are usually used for them and by this you know easily how the code executes.
  2. Do a dry run of the code which can be done by running code on page line by line and think if that line executes what happen next.understand a simple addition example
  3. First, analyze the problem clearly what you have to do.
  4. Think about how to solve that problem and all the possible solutions.
  5. Recheck you gather complete requirements?
  6. Write an implementation model or design.flowchart design
  7. Use simple naming conventions for variables so that they are easy to remember.
  8. Organize your code using indentation so that it’s easy to review and read.
  9. Practice, practice, practice. Programming needs practice
  10. Start from simple and work towards complexity.
  11. The last and more important keep your code simple.

Additional Tips

You can also become good by clearing the concept of following:

  1. Learn Pure Mathematics concepts like Number Theory, Discrete Structures, statistics, etc.
  2. Try to focus on learning programming Algorithms and Data structures. So try to learn all possible algorithm concepts and take a dry run with them on paper including searching techniques.
  3. To improve your problem-solving skills and learn more about programming, start participating in online forums and question, answer sites like Stack Overflow,, geek list and, etc.

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