How to Request Free Books

At BeginnersHeap, we believe every single person should be able to get a book in their hands when they want one, so we’ve dedicated more than a few posts to finding free books for both children and adults. Currently, we have a huge collection of books from different categories. We provide books related to Programming, Fiction, Novels, Science, Educational, History, Health, Technology, Self Development and Business. We update our website daily with bulk of latest eBooks. In case if you need a Book you can make a request with following rules;

  • Request Maximum 2 TechBooks at a Time
  • Write complete book title and author name
  • Mention the book edition in request
  • Only request the published Programming Books

The thing which makes our website unique and cute is our clean download links. We don’t add malicious links, popup ads and browsers hijacking software for money. We always care our users and their privacy. For this reason, we have added the dedicated servers to serve the best downloading speed without any download limit.

Just like many other people and friends, if you also like our work and want to contribute, here is the way;

  • Supports by sharing the site with your friends
  • Add our website in your FB bio
  • Share our website on your FB and social profiles
  • Provides us PDF/ePub books if you think it is helpful
  • Subscribe to our website via Email and quick notification

Only in this way, we can make this world more beautiful by providing the free knowledge to all.

94 thoughts on “How to Request Free Books

    1. Can you please add the book:
      Animal Workouts
      by David Nordmark? I’ve bought two of his books called:
      home exercises and stretching exercise on iBooks,and downloaded two of his other books here in this website which are:Isometric exercise and
      push ups for everyone,only one book left!.. which is animal workout exercise and I will complete the collection! Please help me by adding this book I will really appreciate it!

  1. Thank u so much for giving us free download books it is a big help for us people who want to learn more.Godbless ur kind Ang understanding heart.

  2. Hi, please upload sea prayer by khaled hosseini, I really need it. Please if you can upload it today dear please please. Thank you very much

  3. 1.The art of business : How the chinese got rich
    Author: Greg Clydesdale
    Book edition : first edition
    2.How to make millions with your ideas : An Entrepreneur’s guide
    Author: Dan S. Kennedy
    Book edition : 1996

  4. Hi i love reading books but the problem is they’re all requiring money to get. I wanna be be able to read any book i want for free I’ve looked for sites that can give that and i hope this site is it xoxo

  5. The wealthy barber by David Chilton, it has already been uploaded but when downloaded it’s the wealthy barber returns not the original.

    Thank you

  6. Requesting 2 books
    Rule Breaker by preeti shenoy-
    The perfect us by durjoy datta

    I have shared link of this website to my group of 118 members.. Thanku so much for availing this platform!!

  7. Requesting a book:
    Adobe Dreamweaver CC Classroom in a Book (2018 release) by Jim Maivald. In PDF format.

    Thank you sir. Your site is great.

  8. requesting 2 books
    1 physics for scientists and engineers,cengage learning by J.w.jewett and R.A.serway

    2 university chemistry3rd edition by Bruce H.mahan (Narsosa publication)

  9. I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I searched for three books that were really important to me at this time and bam, there they were. This is such a valuable resource. Thank you for sharing. I will share. Peace.

  10. Hello could you please try to upload:
    The unexpected joy of being sober by Catherine Gray
    Sober diaries by Claire Pooley

    Thank you very much in anticipation

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