Database Creation in MySQLi using PHP

Database Creation in MySQL using PHP

In the last post we discussed about the MySQL database connectivity in PHP, but there is a situation when the database is not created so in that case first we have to create a database and then insert some tables in that database to save data into it so today in this post, we will see how to create a database in PHP and then create a table in that database using PHP MySQL queries.

We see both objects oriented and procedural way of creating a database in MySQL.

The first thing we need to know that how to create a database, then we will see how to run that query in PHP. So Create Database keywords are used to create a database in MySQL.

Create Database db_name”;

Above is the simple SQL query that will create a database, now I show how to run this query in PHP.

Create Database in MySQL (object-oriented method):

To create a database first, we need to create and check the connection which we learned in the last post; then we can create a database in MySQL.

Above is the simple code to create the connection which we already covered in the last post and the below code checks whether the connection is established or not?

Now if we combine the above code and then write code for how to create a database it works fine.

Create Database in MySQLi (procedural method):

Above are the two methods of creating MySqli Database using PHP they both use slandered SQL query Create database to create the database, then use Object-Oriented method $conn->query($sql) to run the query and Procedural method use mysqli_query($conn,$sql) to run the query.


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