Configuring and Installing Apache Derby

Download and Install Apache Derby

Commonly people don’t know
What is apache derby?


Derby is a relational database management system (RDBMS) which was previously known as IBM cloudscape. It was developed by Apache. It is used in java programs also supported in NetBeans. Oracle is also one of its distributors providing as javaDB, it supports embedded systems as well as Network server utilities.

Before you get Started with derby you must have JDK (Java Development Kit) installed on your machine.

You can install JDK here.

If you already have JDK installed, verify JDk by writing java -version in your command prompt, this will show up JDK version.

Download and Install Derby

You can follow these steps to Download and install Derby.

  1. Download Derby  find the version you want to install -> choose bin file from distributions -> Click on the bin file to start downloading the zip file. (20mb setup)
  2. Unzip the file into C:\ root so that I can be accessed easily. Rename the folder as derby so that you don’t need to write down the complete long name of the folder.
  3. You can also extract derby by the following commands in command prompt.
    Windows (zip file)

    UNIX (tar file)
  1. Now install derby by
    Opening command prompt:
    For Windows cmd:

For UNIX Shell:

  1. Configure Embedded derby by
    There is Embedded Java Database (JDBC) and Derby Engine in derby.jar file
    There are few tutorials in derbytools.jar

    set class path derby
    set class path derby


  1. Also set DERBY_HOME by

    Set DERBY_HOME=C:\derby
    Set derby home

Set DERBY_HOME on Mac:

  1. Verify the Installation through command prompt

    verify derby installation
    verify derby installation

Visit Official Apache Derby Website 

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