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Create DateAugust 26, 2016

Description of NavigationView Example

Many Applications like Google+, Facebook, and Gmail, uses sliding menus. In Material design, with the help of NavigationView, you can also create sliding menu for your applications. This NavigationView Example uses the concepts of Material Design with DrawerLayout to create a simple sliding menu for Android Applications.

After the launch of NavigationView, there is no need to play with the gestures and ListView adapters.

This NavigationView with Drawer is an Android Studio project. It explains the use of NavigationView design along with Navigation Drawer menu items click handler. Also, the use of WebView in DrawerLayout.

The APK files of the project are placed inside "APK Files" folder in the root directory of the project.

Click here to see the complete Navigation Drawer Tutorial.

NavigationView with Navigation Drawer Example
NavigationView with Navigation Drawer Example

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