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Create DateSeptember 5, 2016

Description of Simple Windows Service Visual Studio Project

Services are used to perform background tasks which do not need user interaction like sending messages to the user or network. Windows Services are commonly used to perform a concurrent task that does not have a user interface and it keeps on performing some task. This Simple Windows Service Visual Studio Project explains to create a service that writes to the log after every 30 seconds interval.

This project also has a modified Program.cs class which helps to install and uninstall the Windows Service without InstallUtil.exe. When creating a service many beginners stuck with InstallUtil.exe.  You can also install and uninstall this Simple Services example with InstallUtil.exe.

Simple Windows service has installers which help to install and uninstall the service.

Click here If you want to see the complete tutorial of Windows Service

Windows Service Writing Log
Windows Service Writing Log

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