Download Demo Project of MVC Login Application with Session and Request Dispatcher Object

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Description of MVC Login Application Session and Request Dispatcher Object

This source code is the example of MVC Login application is explaining Session and Request Dispatcher Object. This application explains the authentication process for login application using JSP and Servlets and displaying the username on success.jsp by getting it from stored data structure.

Here View classes are success.jsp and login.jsp. The controller class is model is the data that is being transferred to the layers MVC is an architectural pattern. This example is tested on JEE Eclipse with Apache(Tomcat) web server you can learn setting up an environment for dynamic web application project in this tutorial. A new class is added i.e. It is an example of Data transfer object and Model of the MVC approach.

You can also go to the Model Object and Request Dispatcher Example tutorial.

MVC architecture and technical overview
MVC architecture and technical overview

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