Dynamic Websites

Websites Introduction

There are two main types of  websites

  • Static sites
  • Dynamic sites

Static Websites

Static websites are those websites which are easily written in plain HTML and use css for designing. Static websites display the same thing which is written in code. If you want to change anything you need to make changes in the code.  There is a little or no programming technique and logic in the creation of static sites.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic sites are one which are written in some server side language, and they need a server to run, and the content on the page to display is able to change according to the requirements on run time.

Why Dynamic sites?

As we can change the content on the page dynamically so everyone prefers dynamic sites instead of the static site. One of the main advantages of dynamic sites is they can also interact with the database using some server side language and make the user, able the user to insert, delete, update and retrieve data from the database without directly interacting with the database but using some dynamic site.

Another advantage of dynamic sites are user which is a client or viewer of the site does not actually know the code behind the page although if he is intelligent more that he open the source code or inspect element then he saw only plan HTML which will be generated as a result or output of some server side language. facebook is the best example of a dynamic website.

dynamic website example
dynamic website example

Languages Used in Dynamic sites

The most popular languages used in the development of dynamic website are PHP and ASP.net. ASP.net is the product of Microsoft and much more secure than simple PHP.

These languages have their built-in libraries for database connectivity and many other operations like data security, page redirection, function calling, data validation, etc. and the important thing about these server side language is the user can’t see the code as we can see JavaScript code in view source panel.

WordPress and Dynamic Websites

In this fast world when everyone wants to get a website immediately after launching any business, many people prefer WordPress as it is a bit secure. One can easily create a dynamic website within no time by with a little or no technical knowledge of programming. Almost all the web servers support WordPress. One can install WordPress with just a few clicks  from the control panel of the web server or you can just download and install WordPress on your web server. WordPress is basically a blogging tool along with the functionalities of a CMS (Content Management System). You can easily make yourself the master of WordPress by reading the WordPress documentation and FAQ. If you need additional features on your website you can add them through WorPress plugins. And the most important thing about WordPress is that it is a free tool.

WordPress welcome screen
WordPress welcome screen

Disadvantages of dynamic sites

As these sites are run on the server so, they always need a server which returns you the content as per your request.

Due to server response and on your every action you need to request server this site take the time to load and can easily go down if the server is a little bit slow, using some hacking technique like DOS attacks.

The development of these types of sites needs more cost than static because you have to buy a server with some good memory space and email authentication etc and much more effort is needed in creating a dynamic website.

They contain sensitive data, so the security is the main issue in these sites.