Earn money as a web developer

How to earn money as a web developer over internet?

If you are a web developer and wasting your time by just creating your semester projects and then delete them and do not make money from your talent. Today we will have many things related to earning money online using this talent.

earn online as a web developer
Earn online as a web developer

First, I have to clear one thing that is the difference between web developer, web designer, and web administrator.

Web designing is the look and feel of the web pages; this includes all the visual effects a website can contain, its layout, its font, etc. Whereas web development is the main functionality of a website that makes it do what a user wants, to build a complete website it must be first designed and then developed.

web design vs web development
Web design vs. web development

The above mentions are three different fields related to a website, but we only cover web development. First thing before we start web developers are of many types two major types like PHP developer or asp.net developer, but both of them has many opportunities’ on the internet to earn money by building sites.

  • Where to work online as a web developer?
  • How to make more money as a web developer?
  • How to start as a web developer?

So if we answer the first question is, where to work? Although it’s the main question because many of developer does not know the right place to work. So for starting as a freelancer, you have to know about the following websites as well.





Elance.com(now upwork.com)

oDesk.com(now upwork.com)



Now the second step is making a beautiful portfolio, for your customers to show your work and it must have an attractive design so that user like it and chose you as a new developer for his project.

Now the second question, how making money? The answer is by selling your codes online as you see many bloggers, WordPress, Weebly, Joomla templates are available for sale on the internet, and they cost so much even sometimes up to 1000$ so if you have a good command on any of these tools, then start developing this template and sell them online one more thing instead of templates blogger widgets and WordPress plugins are also for sale on the internet so if you have some idea of them then develop them and save online.

If you think all of the above things are difficult, then I advise you to start a blog. First, it’s a simple and easy platform for learning, and when you continually use it, you will learn many things from it, and it will also make some money for you.

Another method is YouTube making web development tutorial and upload them on YouTube and make money through user views.

There is the list of things you can do and sell to make money If you are a web developer.

  • Make CSS Tutorials online
  • Web design using Photoshop
  • Make tutorials for using Illustrator / Dreamweaver for web development
  • Make tutorials for handling web pages using JavaScript Tutorials
  • Basics of HTML / PHP Language Tutorials

How to become a successful web developer?

The first most important thing is to make yourself available for this work. If you work regularly, you earn more and also learn many new things in the field.

The second thing is to choose a specific platform; it’s important for your career that you have a lot of experience on one platform, and you have good knowledge of that platform not a jack of all the trades, make yourself master of one.

Using pre-builders tools is also a good idea in the web development field, and it saves a lot of your time and effort.

Price and estimation of price are the main things of all of your efforts so charge the right price for your work.

What to do if you want to make money, and you are not good in programming?

This is the big problem, and many of the students do not know the solution, so the simple solution is that judge yourself, possibly there is something in you, and you might have some hobbies, so instead of wasting time on them start making them profitable like, for example, create your online profiles and show peoples what best you can do, On the internet everything depends on the viewers, present yourself as perfectly, so people start following you, become a trend and earn money through different networks.

From a report, it seems that a 48% of earning over the internet is being built by web design and web services.

Where to start?

where to start as a web developer
Where to start as a web developer

As we all know that once teachers were students, consider yourself started if you are a student. You will keep on learning until you die. No one knows you more than you know yourself. You just need to dig you out, and know yourself, know what you are best at. Once you know what you are start presenting yourself in your community where you live, your mates, Facebook friends and everyone you know. Take a step forward and get yourself registered with any of the online platforms I mentioned above. The key to success is never to get offended by what you are doing. The only thing you need to do is to stay dedicated and be fair!

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