Bright Future of Programmers

Programmers Compared to other Fields

Before talking about the Future of Programmers, let’s have a look at other fields.

  • Being an Electrical Engineer, if you want to have your lab to start working, and you want to build something innovative. You need a lot of investment for setting up an electric lab.
  • Being a Mechanical Engineer, you also need a lot of money to set up a workshop, and start designing your products.
  • Being a Civil Engineer, you need labor, along with expensive tools, which also need a  heavy investment.

Coming back to programming, you need only a laptop to create anything innovative. If you want to establish a software house you can work remotely from the start. From which, you can get a rough idea about the future of programmers.


Programming as a Hobby

 I know a few of my friends who learn Android development when they are free, not because they want to earn from their applications but to use their Android phone as a Pocket PC. They use to develop their needs like their car fuel and mileage information as well as the oil change alarm application, monthly expenditure, etc. Although they can also adopt Android development as a field if they polish their skills in Android development.

Some people say that one can’t adopt programming as a hobby because it is a time-consuming task. Anyone having a family, i.e. A wife and kids can’t waste time, as he need to run his home, fulfil the needs of his dependents and other commitments at home. I think that many people earn a living from their hobbies all depend on their interest.

Market and Programmers

After the establishment of,, and other such huge platforms you can start your own work very easily. The world is becoming a global market. People need everything where they are. Online shopping applications are going to take over the market in the coming decade. The concept of shopping malls will be over, everything will be a call or a click away.

Same is the case with software houses, people prefer to outsource their work. Someone sitting in another country, with another culture and traditions, is developing your application. Selling his/her services around the globe.

Concept of People about Programming

Many people ask programmers about their future. Many people say that there is no scope of programming jobs because today there is a wide range of tools for development and billions of open source codes that you can simply use it in your product, then why is a programmer needed? I think there must be someone who should use those tools and integrate that open source code to make a useful product.

Remember: while in 80’s when the first CASE tool was invented people started saying that there is no need of a programmer, that tool will take the place of them, but when we see today, nothing changed, programmers code as before 80’s and that prediction is still going wrong.

Development Tools and Programmers

When people say that they can easily build a website on any CMS, why should they go to a web developer? They don’t know that the CMS is also developed by a web programmer. When we talk about tools, there is no tool that auto-generates user desired products like large ERP systems or any online shopping applications.

There are many types of programmers, some of them are web developers, android developers, iOS developers, desktop application developers. All these developers have some special skills about their platform and technology they use. No one else can take their place.

Lets have a look at what’s the scope of programming

Nowadays as many of the things are automated and many are going toward automation, this is only possible because of advancement in computing. When talking about computing, there is a computer and a programmer with resources.

Web Programming

Whenever a business is started, business owners want them to be known worldwide, which is only possible through world wide web. Every business owner wants his own web applications supporting his business. Web programmers can never become jobless until and unless people stop doing business.

Web programmers are on the most trending platform. The total number of developers on this platform is uncountable because all the work is done online and they get paid online. If you want to be in that field you must have a knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and in addition, Java-Script and its libraries like jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap along with many tools like notepad++, sublime, dream viewer, etc.

If you just started as a web developer, you have a lot of opportunities as a web developer.

If we talk about salary so, according to a survey a web developer charge 100$ for a single web page and it’s a minimum rate and if you are a good programmer and you can make a complete website in two to three days, then how much you can make in months?

Android Programming

Let’s talk about Android; it’s also trending in the world, and people make apps and sell them on Google play and earn good amount of money on the downloads. But there are also a two types of apps some are coded, and others are made in tools like unity3d, Maya, etc. Android developers are now becoming the need of web developers as whenever a web application is built 5 out of 10 business men ask for an Android application for their web application.

On the other side of android development there is android game development. 8 out of 10 people have games on the android phones. Most of the android applications earn through in app purchases. Which is also a great business when you can target every single android user.

Desktop Applications Development

The most used and powerful language that is trending today is C# and you can develop desktop, web, and mobile software also so there is a wide range of work for C# developers and they earn well by creating small utility applications on C#.

Java also captures a huge market, you can develop web applications as well as desktop applications. Most of the android development is based on Java. While working on Android Studio (A powerful android development tool) you only need Java along with XML to build powerful android applications.

From the above facts you can also start considering the bright future of programmers.

Drawback of Being a Programmer

As we all know that a computer is a dumb machine and programming is a sticky task. Being a programmer, you have to talk to a dumb machine for hours to let it understand what you want. There is no other way you can explain your idea or problem to a computer. You can’t run code on paper. There is no other way of programming. So either you sit in front of a computer, or you choose another field instead.