How to Create a new ASP.NET Project


In this tutorial, you will learn how to create the first ASP.NET project in Visual Studio. After this tutorial, you will also be able to add forms to your web application in ASP.NET.


ASP.NET is one of the most secure frameworks to build web applications. It uses IIS server. ASP.NET is a combination of c# and HTML, CSS3, PHP. We can also create web services using ASP.NET. You can create web forms in ASP.NET as well as you can also use MVC approach to separate your interface, data, and logic.

New Project in Visual Studio

To create a new ASP.NET web application you should follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Visual Studio.

Step 2: Select New Project from the left side of Visual Studio.

choose new project from the left bar
choose new project from the left bar

New ASP.NET Web Application

Step 3: Select Visual C# and then from .Net Frameworks select ASP.NET Web Application set the name and location and press OK.

new webapplcation in visual C#
New web application in Visual C#

Step 4: Select Empty and check web Form and press OK.

create empty webform
Create empty web form asp.NET

Add a new Web Form from Solution Explorer

Step 5: From the solution explorer, select your project name and right-click on it then select add and then add a new web form.

add a new webform from solution explorer
Add a new web form from solution explorer

Name for New Web Form

Step 6: Set a name for the web page.

specify name for new webform
Specify the name for new web form

ToolBox in Visual Studio

Step 7: Check the toolbox is can also open it manually from view->toolbox.

open visual studio toolbox
Open visual studio toolbox

Step 8: Now you can drag and drop any ASP.NET form element from the toolbar. In the plain middle area, you can also add HTML, CSS, and PHP website elements by editing the aspx files.

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Hope you like this tutorial. Stay tuned for more upcoming tutorials! Stay Blessed!

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