If You Just Don’t Love Coding

Many of the computer science students don’t know how to code. These students either learn the code when they start development, or they leave the coding related things when they get into the field.

If you are one of them who don’t want to code in future, then you don’t need to worry about this. You must have many more skills in you which you have not yet discovered. Either you never look at those skills, or you might never have experience of getting into any problem which requires those hidden skills in you.

Coding is Not The Only Option

When you get into the field of computer science, many of you might have though that it’s all about coding. If so then you are wrong it’s not all about coding. You just need to know the basics of commonly used programming languages, which can be enough for you. If your focus is to earn money through computer science then you have a lot of other options, for example, managing the projects, requirements gathering, testing a software all depends on your mindset.

Earn Money in the Field of Computer Science

Computer science is a huge sea. You can’t limit yourself to a single option. There are many people out there who can do coding for you if you don’t like coding.

Computer Science Jobs

Software development is not limited to coding there is a bundle of jobs to support developers in the market.

Management Job


Requirements Analyst

The requirement analysts gather the requirements and separate unnecessary requirements i.e. The nonfunctional requirements without them the system can perform well. These analysts deal with the change in the requirements and get the complete knowledge of the projects. A requirements analyst must also have a good sense of dealing with the stakeholders of the projects.

The average salary for a Requirements Analyst is between $30K and $120K per anum.

Software Development Manager

SoftwareDevelopment managers are highly experienced people who understand the whole process of software development. These Managers coordinate with the requirements Analysts to get the requirements and get themselves updated with the newly added requirements. They also connect them with the marketing teams to know about time to market a software and check the progress of the projects. They manage and check the timelines for the projects and administers the time allocated to all the departments.

The average salary for a Software Development Manager is between $90K and $150K per anum.

System Analyst

A system Analyst has to analyze the systems of the organization. System analysts are required to check all the business aspects which are dependent on the system. If any upgradations are needed, then the system analysts tell the concerned departments about the changes required and the cost of the changes. System Analysts also interacts with the vendors and the resource providers about the systems.

The average salary for a System Analyst is between $50K and $100K per anum.

System Architect

A system architect gets the requirements and design the architecture of the project or understands the already implemented architecture. A system architect must have the complete knowledge of the design patterns. Also, have a good understanding of designing a system’s architecture. A system architect breaks the system into small components and describes which components should be the first building block of the project. The system architect also defines the baseline of the project.

The average salary for a System Architect is between $60K and $130K per anum.

Graphics Designer

A graphics designer is a kind of the front end developer. Graphics designers need to interact with the customer and design the perfect thing which has an interactive look and feel by keeping in mind, the usability of the application. Graphics designer plays a leading role in the process of development. As the usability of the project somehow depends on the UI (User Interface) of the project.

The average salary for a Graphics Designer is between $30K and $60K per anum.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing and quality assurance are sometimes different departments, but when checking the quality of the system, you need to test the system. There are different types of testing to test the quality of the system, most common testing techniques are stress testing, system testing, regression testing and black box testing, etc. Testing a system checks its reliability with its functionality. A software tester must have some qualities to give extremely negative inputs and loads on the system to crash a system so that the faults should be removed before implementing the system.

The average salary for a Software Tester is between $50K and $80K per anum.

Database Administrator

A database administrator implements efficient ways to store and manage the data in the database systems. A database administrator must have complete knowledge of databases i.e. SQL, Oracle, etc. Database administrators should be prepared to deal with the troubleshooting problems anytime. The main role of the database administrator is to maintain the security and the integrity of the data of the system, which can be done by setting the access levels of the authorized personals.

The average salary for a Database Administrator is between $60K and $90K per anum.

Network Administrator

Network Administration in the purely network based job in which the person is required to deal with the implemented network and implements a new network or network technology when required. Network administrators should also know how to implement network protocols and should be able to work on architectural layers of the network. The main task for the network administrator is to keep the network secure and troubleshoot the network when required.

The average salary for a Network Administrator is between $50K and $65K per anum.


These statistics for the salary are collected from the popular websites like indeed.com and salary.com.

There are thousands of people looking for the freelancers who can work remotely; these hirings also include remote jobs for other fields like research and much more. If you don’t want to have a 9 to 5 job then you can work from home. I also mentioned about those websites in one of the previous article about How to earn as a web developer.


Stay Tuned and Stay Blessed!

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