Learning online as programmer (Advantages vs. Disadvantages)

Learning online

is online eduction right?
is online eduction right?

In the present era of information technology the online learning and online courses are very popular, everyone believes in searching things on Google instead of finding it in books or consulting with some teachers, as it makes a person find a lot of things in less time.

Same is the case with programmers and computer science students. They also want to learn online, and there are many websites and platforms that provide them the opportunity to teach or learn online.
Some people learn to earn money, and some learn for knowledge.

Today we will see that is learning online for a programmer and programming students is good or bad?

Before we discuss this we divide it into three major parts:
• Theoretic content reading (related to programming)
• Question answer forums
• Video tutorials
The above mentioned three are different ways of learning online. We discuss them one by one in detail and see their advantages and disadvantages also.

Theoretic content reading (related to programming):

This means reading the huge theory about some topic of programming. To clarify it, let’s take an example. A programming student wants to know about a constructor and has some questions like, what is a constructor? How does it work? What is it used for? He searches on the internet and finds an article which is related to his topic, and he starts reading it from start to end.

Now let’s take a review what he gets from this reading: a good definition of the constructor, some benefits of it, why he has to use the constructor, but he forgets the real thing which he wants that the implementation of a constructor it’s usage. Like the knowledge of constructor overloading and many other concepts of constructors.

This is the big disadvantage of huge contents on the internet that mostly they just have the stories about the thing, but not the actual thing and if a developer start reading this type of things he just wastes his time and finds nothing in the last. Another major issue today is the website authors need visitor, and they do some SEO and to improve their ranking they use keywords related to search, but they do not have that thing in their content so due to this they waste too much time of the readers.

So in the last according to my thinking, it’s a bad idea for a programmer to read a huge content to learn some new things.

Question Answer Forums:

These forums are like StackOverflow, quaro.com, etc. Where programmers ask questions, and many other social programmers are there to answer their questions and some answer just because by answering the new question they learn every time a new thing.
But the problem is that there are also different types of programmers and they have a different way of using that platforms like some are those who ask questions for learning something new and some are those who answer them to get some new knowledge. Now the thing is when someone needs just a hint, and some are those who want a full solution of their problem. There are also genius categories which just visit this type of forum and search for a question related to their problem and pick just a hint from it. They are the best one because programming a logical thing and every programmer must have to build his logic to solve a problem.

The conclusion about learning from questions and answers is good, and it has a positive impact on the programmer and time-saving thing because sometimes it helps a lot of programmers.

Video tutorials:

Video tutorials are built for the complete beginners, as the beginners have little or no knowledge of programming.
Video tutorials provide complete tutorials about anything and show how to perform a task. Who see online tutorials on something if the person is at the basic stage, and you don’t know anything about that field, then it’s ok but if you are just copying a project from some video tutorial and doesn’t know why the person who is the teacher in the video is doing something like some tricky logic. So it throws a negative impact on those who use to learn online video tutorials and copy line by line from the video.

Books Vs Internet:

We can say that the internet is better than books as you can get the exact solution on just a click but in the case of books you learn much more from books as compared to the internet. When learning from books, you get hundreds of things besides the topic you are learning. From the internet, you get only the specific knowledge of the problem.


The conclusion at the end is that the internet is for picking hints or logic, not for copying the whole project so if you want to be a good programmer use questions / answer forum. Answer problems of others, this will make you learn a lot. Don’t follow any video tutorials as if you are not a complete beginner. There are other ways as well and it totally depends on you that you see a tutorial once and then implement that thing without watching it again and again. You can divide your problem into small chunks and figure out those chunks to solve your problem. As you can easily modify your logic as compared to another’s logic.