Facts and Figures about Programmers and Programming

Programmers and Programming

What is a Programmer?

Programming is something which in not built for everyone and not every person can understand it. It’s very easy for someone who has an interest in it and a nightmare for those who are scared of it. The person who can understand a human problem and make that human problem understandable to the computer is known as a programmer.

Many people say “programming is an art.” Not everyone can be a good programmer.

Interesting Stages of Programming:

Programming process can be classified into 4 interesting stages.

  • Complex Programming
  • Making Progress
  • Slow Progress
  • Stuck

Something about Programmers

  • Programmers find solvable and unsolvable problems when understanding a problem.
  • Programmers spend approximately 25% of the time on surfing the source code.
  • Remote programmer’s productivity is lower than the productivity of the local programmer.

What are Programmers and Programming?

Writing Programs:

Writing Programs is a difficult job unless you have that built-in feature in you to understand and break problems into smaller problems. Only a few people can translate those small human understandable problems into computer understandable problems. You can call it a god gifted thing.


Programming Test:

All other disciplines have something that can measure a person’s ability to be a good or bad in that specific discipline. But a programmer can never be tested on the basis of which he/she can be called good or bad. As every person has his own logic to solve a problem. And there is no tool that can understand and compare logic and understanding. In our world, we calculate the performance of a person by the time he takes to solve the problem and how much optimized a solution can come from that person, based on the performance we can’t calculate the ability of a programmer.


Specifications of Programmers:

Programmers can’t be summed up in a single category, there is also no limit of the specifications of a programmer. As when designing and building a medical software, a programmer should be a doctor. Meanwhile, when developing an architectural designing tool like Auto-CAD, a programmer should be a civil engineer. And so on.


What is a programmer composed of?

Programmers at the time of programming are the best writers to write the best-optimized code. They are the best testing tool for themselves by dry running the code in their heads. Are the debuggers that find the logical errors. Also, the best modifiers to integrate components and modify the existing components to get the desired behavior, and a lot more.


Programmers as Bridge:

Programmers act like a bridge between computers and the people,
Let me explain this with a simple example.
When writing a code, programmers also styles a straightforward Graphical User Interface GUI, for the non-technical people to easily use the complex systems. This GUI acts as a translator between programs and the users.