How do Programmers Concentrate


Whenever you think about concentration, many other thoughts may come to your mind that makes you a little worried which are distractions. But many thoughts start pleasing you like success, money, achievementsMany of you want to concentrate but can’t do it because of some negative aspects of you, which are the distractions built in your personality.

How to concentrate
How to concentrate


So the Only question that comes to the mind is How to stay focus and concentrate?

The answer to this question varies person to person, and every person knows what are the reason of distractions he/she faces. If you can come over those distractions no matter how awkward is the way you choose against the distractions, you can concentrate on your goals.

The Tough Job

Controlling your mind is the only tough task of the world. You can’t use force to sharpen your mind. Once if the brain is stuck and it stops working, you can think no more then. All of you might have been in a situation when you are stuck, and you didn’t get what to do next.

Many jobs in the world require logical processing from the brain. One of the most mind-blowing jobs is programming. Programmers are the people who have to work, their way with perfection, so only strong logic building strategies are required. But the way programmers do their job is entirely different from other people. Here are some tips which programmers use to focus.

1. Keep your body moving

You have seen many of the people moving their feet or legs, to and fro, while sitting. Many people prefer eating something while doing some task, many people smoke, many of them take tea or coffee as caffeine, some use chewing-gum to power up their brain. These things don’t power up the brain, but these things make brain relaxed as the brain is involved in some other activities apart from only thinking i.e. chewing something, smoking or eating something which takes about no processing from the brain but makes the brain involved in other tasks which relax the brain.

 2. Choose silence

Many of you heard that programmers work late at night, this is not because their brain starts working at night. Most of the programmers prefer to work late at night as there are no disturbing sounds at late night apart from exceptions. Another point is that there is no other work to do late night, your family members go to sleep, there is almost no noise like that of traffic or like kids making noise in the neighbourhood.

silence and peace to concentrate
silence and peace to concentrate

3. Know your distractions to concentrate more

When you are working, and you lose attention, go on to the discovery mode. You will come to know what make you loose attention. Try to figure out what the problem is. If you can’t figure out the problem, try to find some alternates like if you are away from family and missing your family or mom or anyone, just make a phone call to them to make yourself relax. If you can’t, because something bad happened in the past make you feel distracted, take a deep breath and try to remember the good things that happened.

4. Set up small goals

Programmers divide the task into small chunks, which make them focus on what they want to do and what they are doing. You must know the words regular and alternate, programmers identify the flows of their problems i.e. alternate flows or regular flows. You can divide your work into parts and create a flow chart.

Setting and achieving small goals
Setting and achieving small goals

Many people are fond of games and many other activities like that. So you can set up your task into small pieces and name them something of your own choice. This can make the task easy to understand as well as you can complete your task in less time. As when people who love games can set up small goals, it like compromising with themselves. For example, make a promise with your heart that you will play the game after that specific small goal is achieved, which you set previously. After the completion of the task, reward yourself with the distraction i.e. the game.

5. Take small breaks

Whenever programmers are stuck with the logic, they use to take a break. This break is just to relax the brain and to make them fresh. You must take small breaks if you are working in a hectic environment. Suppose that you are your brain and as you wake up, you should start running until you sleep. In this case, you can’t keep on running with the same speed, the whole day. You must need some rest, so is the case with your brain.

6. One Task at a Time

Many you think, you are multi-tasking. Some of you do it for being efficient, and some of you have enough workload that you must do two or more tasks at the same time. Multi-tasking is only good for busy schedules as when there is no other option. Multi Tasking makes your tasks, your distractions as when you are doing more than one task at the same time you can’t focus on both of them as they both become the distraction for each other. Another drawback of multi-tasking is that you become tired before the time as because your brain has more load to handle.

7. Write down where you left

When you take a break or leave a task in the middle of something, write it down. Write down the background as well as what you were trying to do. writing down the points will help you catch up the problem with some good options as when you continue the task again. This will also help you to make yourself comfortable with the task as when you re-engage yourself with the task take some time. This is the real time-saving trick and you won’t lose anything which was previously in your mind.

8. Make a routine

As when you keep on doing the same work every day it becomes your routine. So when you make yourself comfortable with all the above-mentioned rules you can focus on everything. When you make it your routine you will automatically start perfectly doing almost everything.


Hope you like our thoughts, give us feedback through comments. Have a blessed day, stay focused and stay tuned.