Programmers and Others

Today we will discuss that how a programmer is different from other people and the difference between programmers and others. But before getting into it, let me tell you that there are two types of people, one who know what programmers do and the others who thinks that they know what programmers do. We will discuss about the second person who thinks that he knows what programmers actually do along with the real world as well as some qualities of programmers.

Wiki has another definition of a programmer

According to the wiki, a programmer is a person who writes computer software, but it is not all about writing computer software, there are so many other ways to develop a computer software without coding.

Programmer VS Layman

A programmer is the one who writes the algorithms, who can make an optimized code that can replace 1000 lines of code with some iteration loops. If we take a very simple example a layman writing a table and he writes 10 lines of code and print every line one by one, but a programmer makes a loop which prints that table using one line of code. When a programmer gets into a work he doesn’t leave it until he does it a layman can give up.

Programmers are not for Repairing Windows or Computers

Another funny thing about programmers is that the programmers are for building up applications, who make their own products, but many people think that programmers repair computers and install windows. They think that a programmer is a PC repair man.

Programmers VS Real World

Only a programmer can make a parent who can kill its own child if the task assigned to them is no longer needed. When a parent no longer needs a child kill its parent, means when a program is no longer needed, like in multi-threading then the parent finish its child node execution basically killing the child. Whereas in Real World no parents can think of killing their child.

Things You might Don’t know about Programmers

Programmers are the Think Tanks

A programmer thinks more than coding. Most of the programmers spend their 60% of the time on think about the problem that how to solve that problem and code in just 40% of the time they know thinking before is better than thinking after but commonly people think that programming is an easy task, the only thing needed is to start coding, but the programmers are the think tanks.

A programmer is the one who thinks about his problem statement while going to bed, this happens a lot of times that you face a problem and don’t know how to solve but when you are going to bed or watching TV you get the solution. That’s why some authors wrote that Programming is thinking not typing.

Programmers Writes for their Ego

If you are a website holder and you are not a programmer, so far changing any single thing on your site you need to hire a programmer. As programmers write for their own ego so they have a capacity of problem-solving. You gave him any problem and he gives you its solution in very less line of codes using loops and that’s what makes a programmer different from other developers who just use automated tools or content management systems.

Programmers can Predict

A programmer has the ability to think more and predict the future that if this code runs what is the possible error or output. They tackle problems in some other way and solve them with their own style.

Programmers are the fault hiders

A programmer makes thing able to run unfortunately there are so many errors behind it, but programmer knows how to handle bugs and error, so that the errors won’t stop the execution of the process. It’s funny to know that many software you are using every day like Microsoft products have many errors and hacks in their code, but their developers made those software faults tolerated so a users have never faced any problem while using them. Whereas any other person can easily give up on those mind blowing errors.