Basic Software Project Management Challenges

Software Project Management

As the field of computer science is not so old, but this field is getting popular day by day. The use of computers is increased in almost every term of life. So the need of computer increases same, the production of the computer software increase and everyone wants software for his work according to his requirements.

In the start, software projects were made without any standards, and they did not follow any rules and flow, so they become flop soon. According to a report, only 29% of the software projects were successful at the beginning of the software project development.

But as the industry revolutionized the tools and techniques were also revolutionized and new methods, standards were also made for software projects.

So they need a seat for a person called software project manager, who manages the overall activities of the software project and control all the requirements and check whether the project goes on the right side or not.

Why we need a Project Manager for Software Project?

First, when we talk about software project, then it’s not specific to software like Windows app and its overall terms, including Android apps and websites also. They are also a part of the computer and counted with the term software and as the question arises that why we need a software project manager? Then the answer is simple to control and manage software project life cycle. A developer who is busy all the time in coding not exactly handle the project and a tester also have to do his work, and that’s why we need someone who interacts with the whole team and assigns them a task and asks what they do? What they want next?

What does a Software Project Manager Do?

Plan the project that how to follow it.

Manage and define the scope of the project.

Estimate the project that what type of project it was.

What are the roles of project manager in a team?

He is the leader of the project.

Reviewer of the project with stakeholders.

The human resource is also managed by him.

He defines some hierarchy for project life cycle.

Management of software life-cycle:

The software life cycle consists of following activities.

  • Requirements
  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Coding
  • Testing

What do we need to control in software projects?

In project, we need to manage and control the scope of the project and the scope relies on three things, also known as Iron Triangle:

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Quality

A software company gave a beautiful statement for his customers.

We provide three types of services to our customers:

  • Cheap
  • Quick
  • Good Quality

Then next they define some scope of above three terms:

  • Cheap and good quality, but not quick.
  • Quick and good quality but not cheap.
  • Cheap and quick note not in good quality.

The challenges software project managers face:

  • Failing to account for tasks
  • Poor communications
  • Estimating times too much
  • Software project risk
  • Cost issues
  • People leave the job in the middle of something.

Why issues arise in software projects?

  • Lack of planning and management
  • Skill shortage or Resource shortage
  • Ineffective and poor communication among stakeholders
  • Failure to get a full understanding of the requirements

Assumptions are the biggest Mistakes:

SPM (software project manager) assumes that he knows what my team is doing.

He assumes that his team knows what they are doing.

SPM assumes that my team would tell me if they no longer know what they are doing.

He assumes that he and his team doing what the customer asked for.

He assumes that what the customer asked for is what the customer wants.

He assumes that what the customer wants is what the customer needs

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