Technology and Humans

Have You Ever Though?

What would be the future of mankind when everything will be automated? And technology will be evolved enough to be affordable for everyone.

You might have heard this question many times again and again, some of you ignored it and some of you think about it.

As far as the advancements in technology is concerned, when a new thing is evolved, the old one become cheap and affordable. A simple example is of cell phone. Some of you never though that you will own one, it was like a dream, but now everyone thinks having a smart phone with advanced features. When these smart phones will become old and affordable no one will even have the craze of super fast smartphone with all the desired features, as everyone will own one.

Luxury life
Luxury life

I think that everyone is running for a peaceful luxurious life. What if everyone gets it? The struggle would be over? When everything will become ordinary, like a good luxury car and a home with everything one can think of.
What will we humans do? When machines will start taking care of everything. Teleporting will become a common thing and concept of cars will be over. One will think of something and he will get it.

We are destroying ourselves

Now in this fast world we think of taking a taxi to go to somewhere instead walking, or cycling to save our time. If we look a bit deep inside, we can see that we work too hard to become successful and want to afford the luxury, but when we get this luxury we have earned more diseases than the money. Simply, we can say that we want a luxury hospital for our end.

As we see in the movies that robots took over the world if it comes true, as the robotics is evolving day by day. Today, robots can remember and learn from humans, what if they start learning the ego and the sense of ruling from humans? In fact robots can do anything which humans can do, as we made ourselves as the guideline for robots.

This was the negative impact of technology on the mankind. Taking it positively, technology is good for human beings. Once when the technology will be evolved so much then the people might get time for themselves and their loved ones.

Technology as a blessing

At the time when internet was not common and everyone need to learn by different physical ways, by going to someone who knows something and being a student to learn what they were interested in. As when the internet is evolved and now one can learn anything through internet. When machines were not evolved it took a lot of time to even wash clothes and cook food. One can’t even move from one place to another in an emergency. Communication was very slow. All these things are made easier due to technology.

Human and Technology
Human and Technology


We can join and learn through an academy across the border, which is only possible due to technology. Trade was once done by physical movements, people meet each other to sell and buy products. But now in 21st century business men and even common people can trade in thing online across the border.



Technology as a whole is good as far as the advantages are concerned, but it also has negative impacts on our lives. No one would oppose the impacts of technology on as it made a lot of things, possible, which were once considered impossible.