Top 5 Command-Line Download Accelerators For Linux

Linux is the most reliable and powerful operating system which comes up in different flavors. When using Linux for the web servers, minimal releases from Linux are preferred. As due to the security and you can easily configure and install the web server i.e. Nginx or any other. The most common problem people usually face is downloading through the terminal. So today, you will learn about Top 5 Command-Line Download Accelerators for Linux.

Top 5 Command-Line Download Accelerators for Linux

1. Axel

On top of the list, according to the speed and the data delivery, Axel is among the best download accelerators for Linux. As it can create an unlimited number of worker threads to download any kind of data. All you need is to install it by:

For Fedora or other such rpm versions

Axel Linux Command Line

Now you can download files through Axel:

It also allows you to download from multiple sources.

You can also specify the number of connections you want to make to the host server. For instance, if you want to create 20 connections.

Also, you can specify the maximum speed for downloading.

Specify the output directory, if you will not specify it, the download file will be in the current directory.

There are also various other options which come with Axel. These options include:

  1. Searching for mirrors: -S[mirror]
  2. No Proxy: -N
  3. See more status messages: -verbose
  4. No output: -q
  5. Alternate progress indication: -a
  6. Additional HTTP headers: -H [header]
  7. HTTP User Agent: -U [Agent]
  8. Help: -h
  9. Version: -V

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2. Aria2

Aria2 is also among very lightweight and powerful command-line download accelerators for Linux which allows multiple connections simultaneously. You can create up to 16 connections at the same time for downloading any file. This powerful download manager supports different protocols including HTTP/HTTPS, FTP/SFTP, Metalink, and BitTorrent. It has built-in JSON and XML-RPC interface which provides better downloading. You can install aria2 by the given command.

For Fedora and other such versions:

Aria2c Linux Command Line Download Manger

For downloading through aria2:

It also supports downloading from multiple links:

The most incredible thing about aria2 is support for downloading torrents. There are two conditions, first one is downloading from magnet link and the second one is downloading the torrent file.

Downloading from magnet link:

Downloading from torrent file:

Also, you can download from Metalink:

Another great feature provided by aria2 is that it supports downloading multiple links from a text file:

Moreover, aria2 also support for multiple connections when downloading from a link but, you can make up to only 16 connections for downloading a file.

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3. wget

Wget is among the default command-line download accelerators, Usually, wget is already there in Linux installation but if it is not working or you want to install wget if not present, then you can use the given command to download it.

For Fedora and other such versions:

Wget Linux Download Manger

To download a single file using wget:

It also allows you to download multiple files from FTP and HTTP at the same time:

If you need to download multiple URLs without entering the URL again and again, you can put all the URLs on a text document and let wget for downloading from the URLs on the text file:

The most wonderful feature of wget is that it allow you to resume the incomplete downloads. With the help of -c option you can resume the download which was not complete.

Moreover, you can download files in the background as well with the help of -b option.

Also, you can put a restriction on the download speed with the help of –limit-rate option.

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4. cURL

cURL is also a widely used command-line download Accelerators for Linux which provides different powerful downloading features with a wide range of options and complete details about the downloads.

In order to install cURL, you need to follow the given syntax:

For Fedora and other such versions:

cURL Linux Command Line Download Manger

When you want to download a single file through curl, you can use the following command:

option -o or -O is necessary in the case of curl.

As if you want to save the file with a specific name then you must use -o (lower case)

If you want to save the file with the same name as it i, then you must use -O (uppercase)

You can also download multiple files concurrently by:

It can also resume and continue downloading the incomplete download. You can also specify where to start downloading with the help of -C option.

Furthermore, you can set download limits by using –limit-rate option. say

Specify username and passwords:

A wide range of other options is there to download accordingly.

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ctorrent is a powerful and a reliable torrent downloader for Linux, it is a command-line utility which let you download any torrent file. It can also view the complete details of the downloads.

You can easily install the ctorrent by running the following command:

For Fedora and other such releases:

ctorrent Linux Command Line Download Manger

You can start downloading torrent files by using the below commands.

Moreover, you can also view the help menu by -h in the options.

Different other download options are there for downloading.

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On concluding notes, these are the reliable download managers to efficiently deliver data and faster downloading on Linux command line.

A wide range of other Command-Line Download Accelerators for Linux is there for downloading files from any URL, torrents, or videos using command-line. Some other tools include transmission-cli,  vuze, rtorrent, and movgrab, Youtube-dl etc.


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